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Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire

SDQ GraphHomeThe SDQ surveys 204 observable competencies in 31 areas of the sales process. This is the only comprehensive generic sales competency model on the market today.

You can now take it on-line and see your results immediately in multiple reporting formats including text recommendations and graphs. See list of areas evaluated below.

Why Take the SDQ?

For Sales Managers who want to create a sales force second to none, for the individual producer who wants to be and stay at the top, and for the trainer conducting a sales needs analysis to select a training curriculum, the Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire is the place to start.

Knowing where to focus knowledge and skill development is half the battle. The results will help you to:

  • Identify critical sales competencies in order to develop a sales training curriculum
  • Define the baseline competencies used by top, mid and low performers
  • Determine the extent to which individual salespeople can perform the skills in order to narrow the scope of training to the specific competencies needed
  • Provide "performance' and "learning" objective definitions for the development of training modules, coaching assignments, job aids and writing a measurable job requirements description
  • Determine the results of training, based on objectives
  • Help construct a personal selling skills development program

Individualized training is now a reality!

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Sales Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Assessed

SDQ LogoI. Knowledge Base

A. (1) Understand functional product/service and company knowledge
B. (2) Gain competitor comparison knowledge
C. (3) Know the steps in the general strategic sales plan

II. Personal Preparation for Competitive Selling

A. (4) Set goals
B. (5) Warm up and mentally condition

III. Prospecting (Internal/External)

A. (6) Profile profitable customers
B. (7) Select appropriate contact methods
C. (8) Develop prospecting plans
D. (9) Manage time
E. (10) Manage territory
F. (11) Manage contacts and opportunities

IV. Central Sales Process

A. 12) Conduct pre-call planning activities
B. (13) Plan objection prevention strategies
C. (14) Initiate the "live" prospect contact
D. (15) Establish trust and rapport
E. (16) Use interviewing and active listening skills
F. (17) Refine interpersonal selling strategies
G. (18) Research prospect's critical business processes, plans, selling environment and identify your competitors to determine the sales strategy and objection prevention plan
H. (19) Activate sales strategy to discover symptoms that will define problems
I. (20) Quantify the cost impact of the problems to establish the value of the solutions
J. (21) Establish decision making criteria to select solutions
K. (22) Determine prospect's anticipated benefits
L. (23) Block the competition between calls
M. (24) Present solutions that meet customer requirements
N. (25) Respond to objections not prevented
O. (26) Conduct negotiations
P. (27) Close the sale

V. Assuring Customer Satisfaction

A. (28) Reassure the customer
B. (29) Check for customer satisfaction
C. (30) Obtain referral and references
D. (31) Obtain repeat business

Individual Setup
Company Setup

Go straight to "Register on line" and follow the instructions. (OFF-LINE)

There is no charge to take the SDQ.

Once you've completed the questionnaire you can review and print your reports immediately online.

NOTE: As an individual, you don't need company identifier code. Leave this space blank when you complete the online registration form. Also, you don't need to make a team selection.

Log in and out as often as you wish to pick up where you left off or to review your reports.

  • Simply complete the registration information, read the instructions carefully and take the questionnaire.
  • Help and Glossary of Terms are a pop up window away from answering any questions you might have.
  • "Log Out" and return as often necessary to complete the diagnostic survey. Your results are automatically saved for you. If you have to stop before you finish, just select "Exit." When you return, simply enter your user name and password and you will be return to where you left off.

Call or e-mail us with questions (bob@saleshelp.com).

Call (281) 367-5599 for a "company identifier code" so that all participating members of your organization can have their individual results tabulated with into the company reports.

The Steps:

  1. Call (281) 367-5599 to get a company code
  2. Optional: Assign each participant to a team. Teams are assigned as Team "A," "B," "C," etc. If no teams are assigned, the default team designator will be used automatically.
  3. E-mail each participant to let them know how to access the questionnaire, give them the company code, and let them know their team assignment. We suggest you also give them a time limit (less than 30 days) in which to complete the assignment.
  4. Each person completes the registration form using the company code number and team assignment. They select their own password.
  5. Individuals can see their own reports immediately upon completion of the SDQ.
  6. The manager can see the results of everyone who registered using the company code.

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