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Basic Sales Curriculum (not for certification)

MethodicalSelling_IconBasic Selling Skills Courses

Essential selling skills that make logical sense, can be used with diagnostic precision, and will consistently produce exceptional results.

Each course includes downloadable job aids and other learning tools.

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  1. Strategic Sales Plan: Why Sales Fail and How Sales are Won
  2. Profile and Qualify: Identify key qualifying characteristics and decision-makers
  3. Competitor Analysis: Identify objections and Unique Selling Points
  4. Features-Advantages-Benefits: The persuasive language of selling
  5. FAB-TEA Value Selling Model: Educate and discover benefits important to the prospect
  6. Trust and Rapport Building: No trust, no business.
  7. Telephone Cold Calling with Voicemail Strategies: Prevent initial contact objections
  8. Email Prospecting: Three powerful methods to make contact with difficult to reach prospects.
  9. Objection Free Selling: Prevent, Preempt, and Respond to EVERY Sales Objection You Get
  10. Reseller Strategy: Select and manage resellers in your territory

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Resources, Worksheets, Guides, and Sales Tools

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  1. 15 Clues an Account is in Trouble
  2. 10 Tips to Building Better Relationships
  3. 6 Strategies to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  4. 8 Question Structures
  5. 9 Ways to Reassure the Customer

Worksheets and Guides

  1. Multi-Bid Closing Strategy
  2. Priority Prospect Project (P3) Strategy Session Manual (PDF)
  3. P3 Drill Instruction Guide (PDF)
  4. Telephone Cold Call Script Writing Guide
  5. Voice Mail Strategies Guide
  6. Prospect Management Spreadsheet (sort capable)
  7. USP FAB/TEA Research Question Guide


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