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Your tuition provides you with 12 months of unlimited access to the 32 courses in our three sales training curriculums. Plus it provides access to over $1,000 in value added Master Reference Modules, PDF files, and other important sales support tools. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and strategies that produce quantifiable results. See Sales Course Descriptions for detailed descriptions and learning objectives.

Included are two Amazon Top 100 Best Selling books in eLearning format

Objection Free Selling book cover linked to AmazonValue Selling Strategies book coverValue Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model ® is an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller for sales & selling, skills & techniques (Kindle) and is included as one of eLearning courses available on this site. In the value selling process, the actual selling is done during a strategically designed interview structured around objection prevention techniques and major closing strategies. Click this link to buy the book on Amazon.com.

Objection Free Selling: How to Prevent, Preempt, and Respond to Every Sales Objection You Get is an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller for sales & selling, skills & techniques (Kindle) and is available from booksellers around the world. The book (and course) includes the prevention, preemption, and response strategies for the 85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections. Click this link to buy the book on Amazon.com..

Out-skill the competition!

  • Earn the"Sales Specialist" or "Master Sales Specialist" certificate
  • Full access to all courses in all curriculums
  • Sales training online and on demand 24/7/365
  • 3 Value Selling Models
  • 32 online sales training courses
  • 8 Master Reference Modules
  • 6 Workbooks, worksheets and sales tools
  • Free coaching materials for supervisors and trainers
What Stops Your Sale?
Use the master checklist of 85 sales stopping/stalling objections to find areas that need reinforcement. Watch for recommendations of ways to prevent, preempt, and respond to each of these objections.
Use the strategic sales plan diagnostic master checklist to discover steps that were missed that resulted in objections or a stalled sale. Watch for tactical recommendations on how to implement each step.

Categories and Courses

The courses listed below are selectively assigned to three different learning tracks:

  1. Inside Sales and Call Center Sales - leads to Master Sales Specialist certificate
  2. Outside Sales / Complex Sales / Consultative Value Selling - leads to Master Sales Specialist certificate
  3. New: Objection Free Selling (book sold separately) - leads to Sales Specialist certificate

See course descriptions for courses and tracks. Once you register you may take any course in any track. Completing the curriculum in a specific track is is necessary to receive the certificate.

Personal Preparation for Competitive Selling

  • Goal Setting - 3 Ways to “power up” your goals
  • Conditioning the Mind for Success – Say no more! We all need it
Foundation Knowledge
  • Functional Product / Service / Company Knowledge (F.A.B.) - Learn the persuasive language of sales
  • Competitor Analysis - Know the objections you'll get as well as your strong selling points against each competitor
Prospecting (internal / external)
  • Profile and Qualify - Key characteristics of your high-quality prospects
  • Research the Prospect - Achieve unique positioning by knowing prospect and competitor
  • Key Decision-Maker Roles - Navigate the maze to get to the right decision maker

Contacting Prospective Customers

  • Telephone Cold Calling - Structured to prevent initial contact objections
  • Voice Mail Strategies - Strategy and scripts to get prospects to call you back
  • Networking - How to get noticed the right way in the right groups
  • Asking for Referrals - Easier to see, quicker to buy, get referrals now!
  • Passive (e)Letter Contact Leveraging Series - Contact the hard to reach decision makers
  • Interest (e)Mailer Contact Leveraging Series - Get the sales interviews you want
  • Keep In Touch Email Contact Leveraging Series - Create mind-share by staying in front of your customers
Central Sales Process - Engage the Customer (choose from three value selling models)
  • Value Selling FAB/TEA Model - Designed for call center and inside salespeople
  • Value Selling ACE Model - Designed for inside & outside salespeople
  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model - Designed for outside salespeople engaged in complex sales and consultative value selling
  • Value Improvement Presentation - Prevent most common sales stopping objections
  • Benefit Question - Create positive attitudes and rehearse the customer to sell internally for you
  • Block the Competition Between Calls - Competitor proof your prospects and customers
  • Closing Strategies of the Masters - 39 effective closing strategies
  • Objection Responding - Includes Responses to the 85 most common sales stopping objections and answer the unanswerable objections with powerful phrases of persuasion 
  • Objection Preventing - Lock in 10 essential Buyer Beliefs to prevent the prospect from even thinking about the objection

Central Sales Process - Negotiations

  • Negotiating Value - Negotiate the standards that establish value

Manage the Process - Sales Planning

  • Ratio Management -Leverage key ratios for dramatic results 
  • Funnel Management - Keep your funnel filled with qualified prospects
  • Teleblitzing - Strategy for rapid market penetration
  • Time & Territory Management - Minimize travel and maximize selling time

Communications skills

  • Trust and Rapport Building - Five methods to quickly establish deep trust and rapport
  • Active Listening Skills - Prevent errors and earn the right to be heard
  • Managing Customer Expectations - Create and change expectations without evoking anger
  • Business Email Etiquette - Communicate responsibility using email in business

"Master Reference" modules provide critical resources:

  • 85 most common sales stopping objections complete with prevention and response strategies that others have used successfully
  • 53 step master strategic sales plan with tactics to implement each of the steps
  • 15 clues to tell you that an account is in trouble
  • 10 methods to build relationships
  • 39 closing strategies
  • 6 customer satisfaction strategies
  • 8 ways to formulate questions
  • 9 ways to reassure the customer

Plus Workbooks, Worksheets and Tools

  • ACE / VSS worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Priority Prospect / Project (P3) Strategy Sessions - e-book
  • P3, two page instruction guide (PDF)
  • Strategic Sales Plan - 116 page e-book (PDF)
  • Conditioning the Mind for Success (8 page guide (PDF)
  • Prospect Management spreadsheet (sort capable)
  • Sample customer file for ease of creating your own

Free coaching materials for qualified Sales Managers, Trainers, and Sales Coaches are available online for many of the courses. To qualify to access these materials at no additional charge, you must be personally registered in this site, complete the courses with a passing score. The people you will be coaching must also be registered to take courses in this site.

You won't find another site on the Internet with the depth and breadth of objective based learning and support resources totally dedicated to helping you achieve unprecedented sales results at such an incredibly low cost. Client Quotes listed on STI's home site tell the story.

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