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  1. The 12 Models of Selling
  2. Persistence Pays Off
  3. 15 Clues Your Account is in Trouble
  4. Achieving Customer Service Excellence
  5. Top Sales Producers are ALWAYS in Demand
  6. Sales Diagnostics: Why You Get the Objections You Get
  7. Sales Diagnostics: Why Sales Fail and How Wins are Won
  8. Competitor Analysis for Sales
  9. Unique Selling Points Win Sales, Win Negotiations, and Keep Customers
  10. Missing Buyer Beliefs Cause Objections
  11. Defusing Anger
  12. Selling at C-Level
  13. Goal Setting - Reflect, Set, and Energize (also a customer service course)
  14. FAB - The Persuasive Language of Selling
  15. How do you know when to do work planning, training, or coaching?
  16. How to Use the Three-Step Quick Coaching Technique
  17. Can you sell big-ticket complex items over the phone?
  18. Telephone Cold Calling: How to prevent common initial contact objections
  19. Elevator Speech
  20. Effective Voicemail Messaging
  21. Missing "Buyer Beliefs" cause the objections you get
  22. Which of these 85 most common sales stopping objections do you get?
  23. General Strategy to Prevent "I don't believe a Need Exists" Related Objections
  24. Find the Needs only you can fill
  25. General Strategy to "Preempt" Objections
  26. General Strategy to Respond to Objections
  27. General Strategy to Negotiate Unanswerable Objections
  28. Prevent the Objection, “Not Interested.” Strategy 1
  29. Prevent the Objection, "Not Interested." Strategy 2

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